Scientific Publications


Journal Publications

Kauppinen, L., Siddiqui, A., & Salo, A. (forthcoming). Investing in Time-to-Build Projects with Uncertain Revenues and Costs: A Real Options Approach, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management.

Vilkkumaa, E., Liesiö, J., Salo, A. & Ilmola-Sheppard, L. (2018): Scenario-based portfolio model for building robust and proactive strategies. European Journal of Operational Research, 1(1), 205-220. [read]


Journal Publications

Autio, E. (forthcoming). Strategic entrepreneurial internationalization: A normative framework. Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal.

Autio, E., Nambisan, S., Thomas, L., & Wright, M. (forthcoming). Technological affordances, spatial affordances, and the genesis of entrepreneurial ecosystems. Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal.

Dattée, B., Alexy, O and Autio, E. (forthcoming), Maneuvering in poor visibility: How firms play the ecosystem game when uncertainty is high, Academy of Management Journal.

Eloranta, V. & Turunen, T. (forthcoming). Contemporary Perspectives on the Strategic Role of Information in Internet of Things -Driven Industrial Services. Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing.

Eloranta, V. & Turunen, T. (forthcoming). Special Issue on Internet-of-Things -driven B2B Service Networks: Editorial. Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing.

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Conference Papers

Dufva, M., Koivisto, R., Ilmola-Sheppard, L., Seija, J. (2017). Anticipating alternative futures for platform economy. The XXVIII ISPIM Innovation Conference, Austria, Vienna on 18-21 June 2017

Hakanen, E., Eloranta, V., Töytäri, P., Rajala, R., & Turunen, T. (2017). Material intelligence: Cross-organizational collaboration driven by detailed material data. Proceedings of the 50th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS). Runner-Up for the ISSIP-IBM Smart Service System Best Paper Award.

Jaarinen, M. & Turunen, T. (2017). Design principles for organizational ambidexterity. Accepted for the European Group for Organization Studies (EGOS) 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Turunen, T., Jaarinen, M. & Hakanen E. (2017). Toward Organizations as Creative and Living Structures: Ambidexterity through Design. Accepted for the Academy of Management Meeting, Atlanta, US.

Töytäri, P., Turunen, T., Klein, M., Eloranta, V., Biehl, S., & Rajala, R. (2017). Overcoming Institutional and Capability Barriers to Smart Services. Proceedings of the 50th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS).

Töytäri, P., Turunen, T., Klein, M., Eloranta, V., Biehl, S., & Rajala, R. (2017). Exploring
interplay of mindset and abilities at multiple organizational interfaces. Accepted for the Academy of Management Meeting, Atlanta, US.

Book Chapters

Autio, E. & Levie, J. (forthcoming). Management of Entrepreneurial Ecosystems. In: The Wiley Handbook of Entrepreneurship, G. Ahmetoglu, T. Chamorro-Premuzic, B. Klinger and T. Karcisky (eds.). Chichester: John Wiley & Sons.


Journal Publications

Dufva, T. and Dufva, M. (2016). Metaphors of code—Structuring and broadening the discussion on teaching children to code, Thinking Skills and Creativity, 22, 97-110.

Eloranta, V. & Turunen, T. (2016). Platforms in service-driven manufacturing: Leveraging complexity by connecting, sharing, and integrating. Industrial Marketing Management, 55. 178–186.

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Conference Papers

Dufva, M., Auvinen, H., & Koivisto, R., 2016. Making sense of platform economy: perceptions and metaphors. The XXVII ISPIM Innovation Conference, Porto, Portugal on 19-22 June 2016.

Eloranta, V., Turunen, T., Melgin, T., Hakanen, E., Töytäri, P., & Rajala, R. (2016), “Strategic Perspectives of Industrie 4.0 and Industrial Internet”, in: Grubbström, R. W. and Hinterhuber, H. H. (Eds), Proceedings of 19th International Working Seminar on Production Economics, Innsbruck, Austria, pp. 137-148.

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Töytäri, P., Hakanen, E., Eloranta, V., Turunen, T., Rajala, R., & Melgin, T. (2016), “Increasing information intensity in industrial service operations”, in: Grubbström, R. W. and Hinterhuber, H. H. (Eds), Proceedings of 19th International Working Seminar on Production Economics, Innsbruck, Austria, pp. 391-402.


Eloranta, V. (2016). Servitization, strategy and platforms. Aalto University, School of Science. Department of Industrial Engineering and Management. Doctoral Dissertation Series 74/2016. Helsinki.

Book Chapters

Autio, E. & Thomas, L. (2016). Tilting the Playing Field: Towards an Endogenous Strategic Action Theory of Ecosystem Creation. In: Nambisan, S. (ed). 2016. Open Innovation, Innovation Ecosystems, and Entrepreneurship: Multidisciplinary Perspectives. World Scientific Publishing, New Jersey.


Journal Publications

Leminen, S., Turunen, T., & Westerlund, M. (2015). The Grey Areas Between Open and Closed in Innovation Networks. Technology Innovation Management Review, 5(12).

Vilkkumaa, E., Salo, A., Liesiö J., & Siddiqui, A. (2015). Fostering Breakthrough Technologies – How Do Optimal Funding Decisions Depend on Evaluation Accuracy? Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 96, pp. 173-190

Watanabe, C., Naveed, K., & Zhao, W. (2015). New paradigm of ICT productivity–Increasing role of un-captured GDP and growing anger of consumers. Technology in Society, 41, 21-44.

Watanabe, C., Naveed, K., & Neittaanmäki, P. (2015). Dependency on un-captured GDP as a source of resilience beyond economic value in countries with advanced ICT infrastructure: Similarities and disparities between Finland and Singapore. Technology in Society, 42, 104-122.

Conference Papers

Turunen, T., Eloranta, V., & Hakanen, E. (2015), “Leveraging big data in industrial service business – from protection to sharing and recombining””, in: Zhao, X., Zhang, J. and Han, H. (Eds), Proceedings of QUIS 14 – Accelerate the Impact of Service Research, Shanghai, China, pp. 946-955. (Honorable mention award winner)


Dufva, M. (2015). Knowledge Creation in Foresight – a practice- and systems-oriented view. VTT Science. Doctoral Dissertation Series 222/2015. Helsinki.